The work of Christopher Hardgrove is intrigued by the absurd and its proximity to our everyday lives. Employing the intimacy of quotidian objects he draws the viewer towards a psychological and physical terrain of irrationality. The work investigates light, movement and stillness in 2d, 3d and 4d mediums in order to emphasize a human tendency to strive for order and logic within patterns of absurdity and futility.

Embracing unrefined aesthetics in craft oriented props, Hardgrove reveals hypocritical tensions within social systems. Engaging fragility and vulnerability multimedia video installations and performances walk the line between comfort and discomfort, euphoria and depression, and susceptibility and protection.

The work is developed in a procession from ideation to realization that is highly ordered and structured rejecting high art connotations of the centrality of elitist audiences. Softness and pliability as materiality is the starting point for this exploration that weaves, glues, melts, molds and engraves across a diverse set of mediums. Formal repetition, refined details and incongruity within these pieces examine societal concerns that invoke practice and dedication while allowing the materials to speak of their history and utilitarian nature while alluding to the precariousness of communally prescribed norms.

Christopher resides in Philadelphia after finishing an art residency in Florence, Italy and completing 30 credit hours towards an MFA at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He graduated from the University of Miami receiving his BA in Studio Art and BS in Advertising, minoring in Architecture and Marketing. He spreads his knowledge and love for art over video, graphic design, sculpture, and multi-media installations.

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